Добре дојдовте на EuroVoc.mk, интернетска платформа на поимникот Евровок на македонски јазик. Евровок на Европската Унија е повеќејазичен, повеќедисциплинарен поимник меѓу чии корисници се Европскиот парламент, Службата за публикации на ЕУ, национални и регионални парламенти во Европа, како и национални влади и приватни корисници од целиот свет.  

Оваа интернетска платформа им дава можност на корисниците да го пребаруваат и преземаат поимникот Евровок и да пристапат до корисни информации за Европската Унија и кандидатурата на Македонија за членство во ЕУ.

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EP Research Service @EP_ThinkTank#Students attending foreign universities included as #import of #service http://t.co/xdmTzARy3i http://t.co/8fhquwRI2P
EP Research Service @EP_ThinkTankLatest @MunSecConf discussed dangers of collapse in global order, its institutions & its post-war principles http://t.co/gBIQ444VuY @eu_eeas
EU_Eurostat @EU_EurostatEuro area annual inflation confirmed at -0.6% in Jan 2015, lowest since July 2009 #Eurostat http://t.co/U8TU5B4MBk http://t.co/8MHRnhAAcJ
The European Library @EuropeanLibraryThe 1st Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon takes place on 27/28 FEB 2015 at the #SwissNationalLibrary in Bern. More: http://t.co/yoTdOzlXGH
EP Research Service @EP_ThinkTank75%+ of #Brussels #lobby community on EU #transparency register: @Europarl_EN wants registration to be mandatory http://t.co/08Lq6eJHjQ
EP Research Service @EP_ThinkTank#Services #trade as proportion of total international trade lags well behind its importance http://t.co/xdmTzARy3i #TTIP #TiSA
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EP Research Service @EP_ThinkTankImagine the check-in queues when air border crossings reach 720m in 2030, up 80% http://t.co/96Q9NYxXEc @EP_Justice #EUtransport @Bulc_EU
EP Research Service @EP_ThinkTank#EbolaSTOA workshop: March 4 in the #EP. Last chance to register! @PaulRuebig @vickyford http://t.co/4hAmCoOegY
EP Research Service @EP_ThinkTank.@Europarl_EN's investigative powers: Committees of inquiry & special committees http://t.co/RuAfwpBWRS
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EP Research Service @EP_ThinkTank#HumanRights activist sentenced to life in #Kyrgysztan. Supreme Court refused to review the case http://t.co/EFiFwxfW5m @IvetaGrigule
EP Research Service @EP_ThinkTankAs the guns rumble on, we look at the work of @MunSecConf and EU responsibility in international #security http://t.co/adFZPb6cRq #Ukraine
EP Research Service @EP_ThinkTank.@fet_eu sorry we seem to have our links crossed - this is the correct link to the 10 technologies http://t.co/AQs3oRuyAJ
EP Research Service @EP_ThinkTankHow far are we with #Ebola vaccines & rapid tests? Learn more at #EbolaSTOA http://t.co/4hAmCoOegY @CharlesGoerens @EP_Development
EP Research Service @EP_ThinkTankThe @ecb monetary policy: Strategy, conduct and trends http://t.co/mlrcqx5Bla #EPResearch @EP_Economics @ecfin @pierremoscovici
EP Research Service @EP_ThinkTank#Nigeria North/South divide: in last 16 years, North has held presidency for only 3 years http://t.co/nCsZFuBwtN

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